Frank Cox

Welcome to SmokerBuilderU

SmokerBuilderU a community of smoker builders

About Me

I'm obsessed with building smokers and grills! I've made it my mission in life to teach people around the globe to weld and fabricate so they can build smokers.
Be it that they want to build one smoker for themselves or many for who knows why!
I am fortunate to have over 25 years of experience in mechanical design working with fluid mechanics (air and water), thermal dynamics (heat transfer), metal working, fabrication, welding and of course building smokers.

Why You Should Join Me

I'll be honest here. Facebook is a mess these days and our community is spread out all over the internet.
I created this platform for a common gathering place for the SmokerBuilder Community where we can focus on our craft of building smokers and smoker building education.

If you are new to building smokers and want to pursue this hobby, you've come to the right place!
Our community will also have spaces for the professional side of building smokers where we can talk about industry best practices, start and build sustainable businesses, and network together.

A Big Thanks

I want to thank you in advance for joining the SmokerBuilder Community!
I am confident you will find tons of value here, build some strong relationships, and build some amazing smokers!